Our Story

As told by David Firestone, President Core Design + Build

In 2003 my wife Dena and I started a real estate investment business buying distressed properties in Baltimore; remodeling and selling them to clients. Early on, we began distinguishing ourselves by laboring tirelessly over the details and design aesthetic. What others chose to overlook became our key trademark, which ultimately led us on our journey towards building luxury custom homes.

Beginning in 2008, we established Sunfire Custom Homes, a concierge firm solely focused on building new single family luxury residences. We soon realized that custom home building is by far the lengthiest and most interactive purchase of any consumer goods which entails forging lifelong relationships with clients firmly founded on a bedrock of trust. Client centricity, placing clients at the forefront of the process and tailoring homes to their needs, wants and styles has always been a proud accomplishment. Additionally, style is the defining characteristic that plays a central role in our DNA. Traditional soon gave way to transitional which ultimately drove us to passionately pursue building the most incredible contemporary homes.

In 2018, we rebranded our firm to Core Design + Build as the premier builder of modern design in the Baltimore – Washington metropolitan area. Core has formed collaborations with internationally acclaimed award-winning architects and designers whose quality of design has garnered the attention of global entrepreneurs, C-suite executives, athletes and celebrities. We have made an unwavering commitment to dedicate ourselves towards bringing bespoke modern luxury residences to the area’s most prestigious neighborhoods.

Credits: Marc Whipple, AIA; Photographer: Jason Speth